15-Year Old Black Teen Entrepreneur Signs Licensing Deal With the NBA

Young entrepreneur Moziah “Mo” Bridges was just 12 years old when he appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to promote his Memphis based company, Mo’s Bows, which manufactures handmade bow and neckties. Now 15, this young Black teen just signed a licensing deal with the NBA, giving him the rights to manufacture his products with the logos of NBA clubs. The NBA is excited about the launch of the Mo’s B...Read More

Working Out at Work Improves Mental Health

Half of all employers in this country now offer workplace wellness plans, designed to improve employees’ physical health. Now researchers at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA have discovered another upside to these plans: improved mental health. For the study, researchers analyzed 281 participants in UCLA’s wellness program and found that at the conclusion of a 12-wee...Read More

Regular Biking Linked to Lower Heart Disease Risk

People who bike regularly for pleasure or to commute have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to two studies. In a study of 45,000 Danish adults published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Those who regularly biked for recreation or to commute had 11 percent to 18 percent fewer heart attacks during a 20-year follow-up. As little as half an hour of biking per week...Read More

Venus And Serena Open Center To Fight Gun Violence in Compton

The world is used to athletic greatness from Serena and Venus Williams, but the sisters are now demonstrating their greatness as humanitarians and community builders. The Williams have opened the Yetunde Price Resource Center in their hometown Compton, California. The community service center is named after their older sister who was killed by gun violence in 2003. It is the first endeavor under t...Read More

Former heavyweight boxing champion Charles Martin shot in Los Angeles

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Charles Martin says police “saved his life” after he was shot in Los Angeles earlier this week.Martin was in downtown LA in the early hours of Tuesday morning when he became involved in an argument with two men. According to police, the men started shooting, but missed and fled. Martin got in his car and chased the gunmen, but crashed into a utility pole. P...Read More

WNBA decides not to penalize players for supporting Black Lives Matter

Recently, WNBA players were penalized for wearing black warmup shirts both before and during their games. –WNBA players stage boycott after being fined for wearing Black Lives Matter shirts Players wore these shirts to speak out against the racial violence that has been gripping the nation. This sparked a righteous fervor and cry that didn’t fall on deaf ears. The WNBA put out a statement yesterda...Read More

Former Football Star Brian Banks Disgusted by Brock Turner Ruling

Brian Banks, a promising high school football player who had committed to play at Southern Cal, was an innocent man accused of rape. He remembers sitting at the defendant’s table 13 years ago and not one person in the courtroom would look at him or talk to him or acknowledge him. “It was like I was not even in the room,” he said Monday. “I felt like I wasn’t a human b...Read More

Ex-NFL Bryan Robinson Found Dead in Milwaukee Motel

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Robinson played for Rams, Bears, Dolphins, Bengals, and Cardinals over his 14-year career. “Robinson was discovered late Saturday in a Milwaukee motel room. He was 41. Results of an autopsy and toxicology reports are pending, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office. Robinson was pronounced dead at 10:17 p.m. Saturday ...Read More

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