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Black-Owned Travel Company Partners with South African Tourism Board to Launch 12 Luxury Tours From the U.S. to Johannesburg

Washington DC — The rise in African American travel over the past 6 years due to increased education and income led to the creation of travel companies, such as Travel Noire, NoMadnessand Tastemakers Africa. “Although international travel for African Americans is rising, there still seems to be a gap left in the market,” Paris Taylor, I.C.E. Many travelers have already benefited from the developme...Read More

Filmmaker’s Documentary to Expose the U.S. Government’s Destruction of Black Wall Street, the Execution of Well-Known Black Leaders, and More

New York, NY — In an experimental documentary, indie filmmaker Brandi Webb has indicted the U.S. government on charges that hold it accountable for crimes committed against citizens of color. These crimes date back to the beginning of American history up to present day. Errol Louis, Amy Goodman, Akeem Browder, Ajamu Baraka, Gwen Carr, Korey Wise, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Mysonne Linen and several other ...Read More

African American Holistic Doctor Releases New Line of All-Natural Herbal Ointments

Nationwide — You shape your own quality of life. No doctor, lawyer, or teacher has the impact on your life that you do. No one! That’s what Dr. Nancy J. Williams taught her clients for over 10 years at her wholistic wellness center and now teaches professional women and audiences across the country about the effects of sickness and disease, overcoming stress, seeking self-awareness, and creating a...Read More

Outspoken Black Author, Dr. Claud Anderson, Answers 101 Black History Questions You Never Thought to Ask in His New Book

Nationwide — A Black History Reader: 101 Questions You Never Thought to Ask is a stunning, behind-the-headlines account of how America arrived at the racial tipping point where it finds itself today. In this brilliant book, Dr. Claud Anderson, best-selling author, noted political strategist and entrepreneur, explains why race is such an enduring problem in America and why the country is embroiled ...Read More

Black Filmmaker, Shirah Dedman, Produces New Documentary Exposing the Truth About Gentrification

  Oakland, CA — A new documentary exploring displacement of African-Americans out of major U.S. cities will release on YouTube on October 25, 2017. YOU A NOMAD is a short film set in Oakland, California, where in the past generation almost 40 percent of the Black population has been displaced. The film uses a unique cross-section of African-American voices to unfold the systemic issues underl...Read More

Dick Gregory, comedy legend and civil rights activist, dead at 84

Gregory died in Washington two days after his son revealed that he was hospitalized with a “serious but stable medical condition.” Muhammad Ali embraces Gregory, who helped the boxer with his nutritional supplements, after a workout in New Orleans in 1978. (AP) “It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr. Dick Gregory...Read More

Meet The 10-Year-Old Girl Who Invented A Million-Dollar Barrette

Just imagine, a hair accessory being sold in 50 stores and 16 states across the country…and the CEO of the hair brand is still in elementary school! That’s right, 10-year old Gabrielle Goodwin has come up with a solution that will bring nothing but relief to Black moms around the world – barrettes that don’t fall off or go missing. #GaBBYBows are now in 50 @onceuponachild stores in 16 states acros...Read More

Man Who Has Been In Prison For 63 Years, Rejects Parole. Gives Reason No One Saw Coming

After serving 63 years for a crime he claims he did not commit, a Pennsylvania man is turning down the opportunity to be paroled from prison on principle. He claims he is innocent and should never have been convicted in the first place. Convicted for the 1953 murders of two people at the age of 15, the man has maintained his innocence for more than half a century. You have to hear his story. Seven...Read More

Former Saints player puts 300+ families into homes, opens the only Black owned grocery store in Baton Rouge, LA

Spend five minutes with Tyrone Legett and you’ll instantly hear his passion to rejuvenate broken communities in Louisiana. The former NFL Player played many games in the Mercedes Benz Superdome (then Louisiana Superdome) but the touchdowns he is scoring today are worth much more than points on a scoreboard. Legett, a native of Colombia, South Carolina, embraced Louisiana as home as a Defensive Bac...Read More

Black-Owned Vegan Restaurant Challenges the Fast Food Industry With Healthy Food Alternatives

The Grub Factory, based in Baltimore, Maryland at 1210 North Charles Street, is a Black-owned vegan restaurant. Founded by three entrepreneurs, Hurani Ame, Heru Mertief, and Imhotep Fatiu, the restaurant serves gyros, reubens, pepper steaks, shrimp salads, and curry “chick’n” — all vegan. A smart part of a bigger plan The Grub Factory is unique in many ways. The restaurant has employees, but...Read More

26-Year Old Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches Low Cost Organic Grocery Store

26-year old Olympia Auset, a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Howard University, grew tired of having to travel 2 hours by bus every time she wanted to buy healthy vegan food. She live in Inglewood, and it quickly became clear that if she wanted better health around her, she would have to do something. So, she created and launched her very own organic grocery store. Creating something diffe...Read More

Conference Helps Black Entrepreneurs Learn Multiple Industries

Urban Business Institute, a training and consulting organization founded by former business & economics professor and business incubator, Professor Devin Robinson, is hosting its 1st Annual How-To Conference on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 7am at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. The How-To Conference is uniquely designed to bring together professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs from a...Read More

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