Young Genius Brothers, 11 and 14 Years Old, Graduate from High School and College

Two genius brothers from Texas, Carson and Cannan Huey-You, have simultaneously graduated from high school and college. Carson, who is just 14 years old, just graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in physics. He was the youngest graduate in the school’s history. Cannan, who is just 11 years old, just graduated from high school and will start studying at TCU in the fall R...Read More

Beyoncé Announces Formation Scholarships for Black Women Pursuing Higher Education

Beyoncé is settling in to have her twin babies soon, but she hasn’t abandoned the work she began a year ago with the release of Formation. The singer announced on Monday the creation of four scholarships for Black women in college called the Formation Scholars Award. The awards will be given to a single Black woman student at Berklee College of Music, Parsons School of Design, Howard Univers...Read More


When using lemon, usually draining and use it as lemonade or something else, but in any case the shells threw them into the garbage. But this article will show you how they are useful. They can be a good aid to treat some diseases. Lemon peel contains 5-10 times more vitamins than the juice itself, including vitamins C, A, beta-caroten, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Zest contains ingredients t...Read More

12 Reasons Why Black Businesses Fail Within The First 12 Months

The rate of African American businesses failing today is at an all time high. We all know that 80% of businesses crash and burn within the first year. Not to mention, when starting a business the last thing you want to hear is why or how you could fail, but addressing the reasons for failure up front, you’ll be much less likely to fall victim to them yourself. I can proudly say every last point li...Read More

Meet Tiera Guinn: At 22 She Works For NASA, Will Graduate From MIT With 5.0 GPA

When it comes to achieving your goals, many say it’s never too late. However, the elite few come along at times to show you that it’s never too early. One of those elite few is a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) named Tiera Guinn (pictured). Guinn, 22, is a MIT senior who is on pace to graduate this spring with an overwhelmingly great 5.0 GPA. She already has more earning...Read More

If You Sleep Naked Tonight, Here’s The Surprising Effect It’ll Have on Your Body

Sleeping is one of the most important activities for our health. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to the health. However, did you know that sleeping naked provides even more benefits than sleeping with clothes? Less than 10% of Americans sleep naked. Sleeping naked has some amazing health benefits, physically and psychologically. Benefits of Sleeping Naked Improves Sleep People who sleep naked hav...Read More

Top 2017 African-American, Minority and Diversity Summer Internship Programs

Nationwide — Many companies and organizations are already announcing that they are accepting applications for their upcoming internship programs. Here’s a list of the top 2017 summer internship programs for African Americans: #1 – The NBA Internship Program offers college students an exciting opportunity to use their skills and classroom learning within a national sports environment. Learn more at...Read More

Black Inventors

  Name Years Occupation(s) Inventions / accomplishments Amos, Harold 1918–2003 Microbiologist First African-American department chair at Harvard Medical School [5] Alcorn, George Edward, Jr. 1940– Physicist, inventor Invented a method of fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer [6][7] Andrews, James J. 1930–1998 Mathematician Put forth the Andrews–Curtis conjecture in group theory with Morto...Read More

Why More Black Families are Choosing Homeschool Over Traditional Learning

The number of black students being homeschooled is on the rise. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that 290,000 African American children are currently being homeschooled, now representing 10 percent of all students being homeschooled. What is the reason for the increase? How racism gets in the way All children deserve a good education. But this doesn’t mean they all get ...Read More

Washington, DC Area Pastor and Wife Charged With $1.2 Million Congregation Fraud Scheme

Alexandria, VA — Terry Wayne and Brenda Millender, a local pastor and his wife, were recently arrested for their alleged involvement in a $1.2 million fraud scheme that victimized hundreds of members in their congregation at Victorious Life Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Also, arrested was a woman by the name of Grenetta Wells who is affiliated with the church The three have also been indicted by...Read More

African-American Math Tutor Publishes New Book Series Entitled, “Family Math LLC” — Written For the Entire Family!

Manteca, CA — Johnny Bowens, an African-American math tutor and entrepreneur, has published a new math book series entitled, Family Math LLC. The series, which includes a learning book and and workbook, cover Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, and introductions to Algebra and Geometry. Bowens has tutored adults and younger people for many years in math. Many of his students have gone on to professional care...Read More

Invention! Namibian Student Makes Phone That Doesn’t Use Sim Card or Airtime to Make Calls!!

Namibian student has invented a phone which does not need a sim card or airtime to make calls. The grade 12 student [ the equivalent of SHS 3 in Ghana] is a student of the Abraham Iyambo Secondary School in the Ohangwena Region of the country. The boy, Simon Petrus built the phone with parts from an old television and a telephone and said the invention only uses the radio system. The device also h...Read More

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